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Midnight at Noon: A novel that cannot be ignored

Midnight cover bestMidnight at Noon is a sociopolitical novel that x-rays the dire landscape of Haiti and its people. Midnight at Noon is when class antagonisms violently collide in a quest to achieve financial and political rebirth. Midnight at Noon is when the western hemisphere first black republic goes soul searching on a dazzling/revolutionary journey to reclaim its past glory. Midnight at Noon is when the heart of an entire nation can only beat from the center of a small town called Saint Louis du Nord that refuses to back down in the face of appalling cruelty and utter inhumanity.

Midnight at Noon is also a story of love in the time of war, squaring the love of a young couple, Odilon and Thérèse, in their desire to understand complex problems of society. “Midnight at Noon is Caribbean literature at its best since General Sun, My Brother, a 1956 classic written by Jacques Stephen Alexis,” said Carrol Coates, professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Binghamton, New York.  Midnight at Noon is written by Haitian-American novelist, Ardain Isma, who teaches Cross-Cultural Studies and Principles and Issues with TESOL at UNF.

Note: Click on the link to order your copy: Midnight at Noon

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