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Midnight at Noon: Among Best Books of 2014!

 Midnight cover bestBy Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Hello friends, I feel I have to clarify on the status of Midnight. The novel is not THE best book of the year. It is rather among the best books of the year. Of course Amazon is in the business to make money. Books with great potentials are placed in this category to encourage readers to purchase them. Nonetheless, Midnight at Noon is no fast food novel. It is without a doubt among the best, not because I’m the author, but because of the message that it carries. Over all, it is a great recognition.


I was speechless with my draw dropped when I got the news. I took a hard-look of my surrounding, making sure I wasn’t in a dream. When reality set in, I quickly realized—although I’m the messenger—the success of Midnight cannot be credited solely to me. It is the power of Haitian literature that made it happen. I knew I wasn’t writing a fast-food novel. I knew what I was writing carried a priceless weight—my deepest patriotic sentiment rooted in a thirst to find salvation for millions of Haitians who wallow in poverty every day.  

Every great writer has their books listed on Amazon. It is fair to say that Midnight has topped thousands to claim this title—Best Book of 2014. The decision was made by a panel of editors, who were completely swayed by the gut-wrenching message that lies between the covers of Midnight, beautifully written and compellingly detailed. Thank you to all friends, supporters and well-wishers! This is just the beginning!ardain with fansa

Here is the link: Midnight at Noon

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