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Don’t miss the Midnight train!

midnight resizeCSMS Magazine Staff Writers

Ever since the release of Midnight at Noon, this gut wrenching novel, Ardain Isma has been one of the busiest men alive. He is in the north and south and east and west. He posted a message on his Facebook page last weekend to tell his diehard fans and friends that he has not forgotten them. Busy, he truly is. Thursday night in Jacksonville, Ardain speaks before members of the Alliance Française, Sister City, French Teachers, groups of other friends. This is a private event. If you’re far, you can still get on the Midnight train. Order your copy through Amazon. Click here:  Midnight at Noon We are reproducing the message to the rest of his fans spread across the world.


Hello friends, it’s been some time since we communicated. I know what some of you are thinking. No, I will never forsake my friends. I’m sure you know I’ve been busy promoting Midnight. November is once again a very busy time for me. I’m swamped with speaking engagements, radio interviews and more……Between work and promo, there’s very little time left in the day…..But I’m happy to tell all my friends in South Florida that I will be in Miami on the 21st  of November at the Little Haiti Cultural Center. Event begins at 5 PM. On Sunday, the 23rd, I will be at the Lantana Library at 2 PM.

ardain aFolks in Orlando, I will be at the UCF (University of Central Florida) campus on November 19th at 1 PM for a major event sponsored by Barnes and Noble and UCF. I was told the event will take place at the Barnes and Noble, not far from the Main Campus. If you live in the Orlando area, Sanford, Daytona, this event is your best chance at seeing me “live” speaking about Midnight. UCF wants to use the book as a learning tool to educate students about Caribbean Literature. Don’t worry, I’m deeply committed to your friendship.

Note: Ardain is also the special guest in the Matthew Peddie show at the NPR affiliated station on E. Colonial Drive in Orlando. This interview takes place on November 19th. Ardain will be speaking about his book and about Haiti in general.

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