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Michel Martelly is politically doomed

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He never was a button-down technocrat or a straight-jacket politician. He was simply a coon, a modern-day overseer ushered into Haiti’s highest office to send the clearest message to Haitians everywhere: “You’re good to no use, and your country will forever remain a protectorate of the United States.” Five years ago, Mirlande Manigat was shoved aside to install one of the most vulgar individuals Haiti could ever produce—a humiliation many Haitians still find hard to forget.

Adding to Martelly’s repugnant vulgarism was his dull thirst for Duvalierism and his populous right wring trivia—an issue that sent chill to the hearts of millions of Haitians and further amplified their pain and humiliation. He hired Baby Doc son as one of his top advisers. He went on a cruise with Jean-Claude Duvalier and the entire old guard to the very heart of Haiti’s independence, to the city of Gonaives. And when the former dictator died, he wanted to offer State Funeral Services.

That’s merely symbolic, however painful this could be to many Haitians. The greatest harm Martelly has ever caused to the Haitian masses was his raw nonchalance towards the disenfranchised, his slavish attitude towards the enemies of Haiti and his total disregard for the public trust. He and his top associates were said to have enriched themselves lavishly, acquiring luxury villas around the world while millions of Haitians go hungry every night. He is more than just an Uncle Tom. He is a traitor for which he must be trialed. Now, at the twilight of his regime, Martelly’s political maneuvering is completely used up; and what happened yesterday was the clearest indication that he has been dumped. His Congo Sapeur that he was trying to stick at gun point into the throats of Haitians is now history. In the eyes of the stakeholders, Martelly is too divisive for proxy politics.    

Ironically, Michel Martelly is a victim of his class of origin, for he embodies the quintessential petty bourgeois who sees the State bureaucracy as the “dazzling” key to the Grand Boulevard to leads to the land of the nouveaux riches. Money will never be enough, and the Hell for those who wallow in poverty every day. Shame on them!

Martelly may be vulgar, brute with a complete lack of intellectual curiosity, but he is no different from those who claim to have mastered la langue de Voltaire and who claim to have trained within the mold of modern industrial societies. His predecessors were no different.

What Haiti needs is a complete break from the past; for rewriting this ugly narrative would require more than just a Messiah of the last hour.  The State bureaucracy must be uprooted, and only an organization built from the premise of justice for all—with a mission to rebuild the infrastructure, to restore the authority of the State while putting forward a patriotic pledge to forever uphold the integrity and the sovereignty of the Western Hemisphere first black republic—can make it happen.

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