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Michel Martelly in his international backers in a skittish retreat

martelly and Obama aCSMS Magazine

Facing a bloody showdown of which they did not seem to have the stomach to slaughter thousands, Martelly and his foreign plotters were forced to back down. Their official retreat came from the mouth of Pierre-Louis Opont, president of the Provisional Electoral Council. The reason: “Too much violence throughout the country,” was quoted Opont at a press conference earlier this afternoon. In saying so, Opont made no reference to a possible new date. Nor did he say whether an interim government would take power after Feb. 7, when Michel Martelly is required to leave office under the Constitution.

Rumors spread Martelly would remain in his post until a replacement is elected. This is just a rumor based on Sweet Micky bellicose statements as he answered questions to journalists about the now cancelled Sunday vote. In a mishmash of domestic Port-au-Prince French and a folkloric Creole, Martelly told them that election would go forward. And he added this: “I have ordered the security forces to take necessary measures in order to allow the people to vote.” This was shortly after he went on State TV to announce that the vote would proceed. But these were Sweet Micky’s words, an apprentice dictator in a stage play to save face.

The answer to this eleventh hour volte-face cannot be found in Port-au-Prince, rather in the foreign capitals from which the proxies take their orders. Moving ahead with the “election” would trigger a violent response from a population that is now saying, “enough is enough. No more will we sit like sitting ducks to let thieves and crocks rule our lives.”

During the first round, “some 900,000 accreditations were distributed, and only 1.5 million people voted nationwide, which means party operatives cast a tremendous share of the ballots,” according to the New York Times. This was how they rigged the VOTE in favor of their coon-to-be Jovenel Moise.

Haiti will reclaim total self-determination

In staving off the carnage in Haiti, Obama has averted a political embarrassment which could have resulted into some serious trouble for Hillary Clinton who is now struggling to keep her presidential campaign alive as her chief rival Bernie Sanders surges in the polls. Hillary was the architect of Sweet Micky’s coming to power in Haiti in 2010. Read this article from CSMS Magazine then: René Préval bows as Hillary Clinton orders

“The Obama administration’s response [to this new election cycle] is a sharp contrast to the position it took in 2010, when the United States was so appalled by rampant fraud that Hillary Clinton, the secretary of state at the time, flew to Haiti to pressure its leaders to change the results. Mr. Martelly was bumped up in the election results so that he could compete in a runoff,” concludes the Times.

The New York Times goes on to quote Jake Johnston, a researcher at the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, who says, “The hypocrisy from 2010 to 2015 is pretty remarkable. For the elections, a $30 million budget just from the U.S. and the likelihood of a government that is at least seen as illegitimate has to qualify as a waste.”

This is clear that according to the rulers of Haiti, something is right when they say it’s right; and what is right is what serves their purpose of the day. Their rational vis-à-vis Haiti has never been foregrounded under any fundamental principles of democracy.

Let’s be clear. Their retreat earlier in the day is just merely tactical. They save their forces to fight another day. This is far from over. On the contrary, this may be the beginning of the end of a long and bloody feuilleton that has already claimed the lives of thousands of innocent men, women and children, has left scars unhealed and hopes shattered. The masses need to remain vigilant. Keeping the pressure on is the only weapon they have at their disposal. They can’t rest assured that those politicians will negotiate honestly on their behalf. Their unity is not holy, and the enemy knows how to divide and conquer. Martelly MUST go. A transitional government headed by a consensus figure must take over with the sole mandate will be to organize free and fair elections.

Haitian youth need jobs and education, not starvation, subjugation, humiliation and incarceration. Let’s Haiti stand tall and united to tell them it’s ready to reclaim its political freedom—100 years later!  

Note: You can click on this link to learn about Obama’s position on Haiti back in 2010:  the position it took in 2010

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