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Keep your man in a sentimental leash

By Stacy Morris

CSMS Magazine

Psychologist Phil Robbins says, “The best way to keep your man is to pamper him with love.” If a woman has her head over her shoulders, no man will never slip out of her hand. Here are what the experts say when it comes to keeping a man in a tight, sentimental leash. Tell him how good he makes you feel. Whether you’ve been married for twenty years or it’s the first time you’ve been with him, you should always tell him how great he makes you feel. Tell him he’s the best lover you’ve ever had. If he isn’t or you don’t feel comfortable making that statement, you could always say something just as flattering like, “wow you’re so amazing” or “I needed that so bad, thank you!” Whether you’ve told him a thousand times before or not even once, this is the sort of thing men can’t get enough of, and men love to hear it again and again.

Just as you expect him to keep the relationship fresh and exciting, you have to do your part as well. Nothing motivates a man more than an “attaboy.” It’s important to express how much you care about your man. Don’t get so comfortable that he thinks you take him for granted. We all know you wouldn’t want him to make you feel that way. 

Note: Stacy Morris is a relationship guru who lives in Palm Coast, Florida. She is our newest contributor.

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