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Joe Biden faces tough challenges ahead of the midterm election

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President Biden faces tough challenges ahead of the midterm election. Several opinion polls have recently shown that. One of the problems is that voters have yet to feel the benefit of the administration’s economic initiative. In a recent survey conducted by National Public Radio, many people say the direct payments or the expanded child tax credits initiated earlier this year did not help them much. Worse for Biden is that many voters expressed their frustration, saying the administration is truly addressing their economic problem.

It feels almost high noon for the Dems who control both the House of Representatives and senate but by a narrow thing margin. According to NPR, Americans do mostly endorse the new infrastructure law but are less supportive of Democrats’ Build Back Better bill that has passed the House. And while that legislation would expand the social safety net, survey respondents weren’t convinced that it would help people like them.

The biggest problem for the Democratic party is their disunification over the fundamental issues facing most Americans in this time of uncertainty. “They [Democrats] don’t have a unified message for what they’re doing, and that does not bode well for the party,” said Barbara Carvalho, director of the Marist Poll.

Conversative Democrats like West Virginia Joe Manchin, who acts like a Republican, has gone out of his way to block any measure that would address the pressing needs like “services and support to people who have historically been disadvantaged in the economy…In the NPR/Marist survey, almost 6 in 10 eligible households said they received the child tax credit. But the 59% of eligible respondents is far below the number of families that the government expects should be getting funds.”

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