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Joanne Borgella did not make it

CSMS Magazine Staff WriterIt was gut-wrenching last night to watch this talented Haitian model and singer being rejected in the Fox most popular reality T.V. Show American Idol. Although her rejection was already factored in, knowing how the judges, especially Simon, took on her performance the night before, we knew then it was over. And when she was called to step out on the stage, chill ran into the veins of many of her fervent supporters.              Joanne Borgella, 25 years of age from HobokenNew Jersey, faced her rejection with great stoicism, and the acerbic judge Simon did not seem to deter her from her quest to secure her own spot in the music industry. Her last performance last night proved that point. She was strong, singing with a charged confidence as if she wanted to showAmerica, which voted her out of the competition that she carries much more in her baggage than what they previously saw the night before.             When she was asked about her future endeavor after this last adventure, she was blunt. “I will continue to sing because I can sing,” she replied with a repressed smile crafted by an unmistakable pride.            As she sang, twisted and stirred on the stage, she sent shockwaves deep into the hearts of her fellow colleagues standing in the background, quivering with emotion while tears were splashing down their cheeks. It was bitter/sweet, but the sweet will definitely force music watchers to take notice. Her parents also seemed to have been satisfied and utterly reassured by the performance as they also watch in the background.Closing this adventure on a good note was just what she needed to do, and she did it with the utmost eloquence.                   Joanne, hang tough. Continue to keep your eyes on the heavenly prize. You’ll get there one way or an other.

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