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Janie Bogart and the ancillary findings for this week

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

In this week ancillary rubric, we have numerous things to talk about, and we can’t wait to tell our readers that we have a delightful surprise for them. Many readers had been very persistent in finding out about what had happened to Janie Bogart, poet, vivid writer and diseur, who were part of the CSMS family and very active with her piercing and striking French columns during the first years of CSMS Magazine. Well, Janie had been hard at work, working on several projects. Among them was the recently published collection of poetry titled Un Jour Les Pantoufles (The day when you and your winkled boots return to reclaim my heart).This idyllic and tremendously fanciful oeuvre will certainly make her diehard readers flustered in ecstasy as they weave hungrily through the intriguing pages.

            Janie will be the topic of our book review for next week along with Critique de la Francophonie, a powerful and in-depth analysis on the Caribbean Creolophone dilemma.Critique is written by Totongui, an impeccable writer and essayist profoundly involved in the struggle to elevate Creole to the same footage of the so-called “mainstream” modern languages.

Paul Francois and the Creole article

Paul Francois, writer and activist from Ile Maurice, has written a thrilling article in Creole—theMauritius style. Since then, several Creolophiles and Creolophones have commented on the article. They all seem to have found that Creole roots are deeply entrenched wherever it is spoken. Written with its own flavor, for sure, but every Creole speaker should have no problem understanding the article. Paul Francois is at the forefront in the fight to establish Creole on hisIsland nation.

Interests in our Health and Medicine rubric

We have also received a lot of interests in our Health and Medicine series. Many readers like Susan Maldonado from Hazelton, Pennsylvania, who admitted to us last week that our recipes helped her a lot in pleasing her fiancé. She must have been doing a lot of cooking for him. We are equally pleased that our readers are paying attention to what they eat, and of course, we are what we eat. Eating right and exercise is the key to a long and healthy life.

It’s your Money  

This rubric has received instant recognition. It appears that a lot of our readers have been feeling the pinch, and with no end in sight, it feels comfortable to be among one’s fellow countrymen going through the same adversity. In case you have missed the last installment, go ahead and read it. Andrew Robbins, author of the rubric, wasted no time in fulfilling his obligation to vote in this upcoming presidential election. In the last article, he indicated that he has already casted his ballot and he has also indicated who he casted it for. Surprise!

            However popular this rubric has become, it must not be used as the basis for strategic investments, as CSMS Magazine has indicated in the disclaimer. Prior to making an investment, it is recommended to seek advice from professional investors.

Rescinding the paid-subscription drive

After several consultations with the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies representatives, the parent organization of CSMS Magazine, we have decided to forego the paid-subscription drive for the time being. However, the donation drive is still in full swing. Please, forward your donation to the address listed on the website. Your help will greatly enhance the readiness of the site.

            Thank you for your continued support, for without YOU, we could not have stayed in business for this long. Until next week for another Ancillary rubric, stay informed and, most importantly, stay safe.

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