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It’s Your Money, the Way I See It

By Andrew Robbins

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

I only invest in US stocks. I do not believe in democrats/socialism or republicans/monopolies. I am a capitalist and I embrace capitalism and the laws of economics. In this market, for me to make money, my investment plan requires Americans be gainfully employed. If you are successfully employed I can make money. With both feet let me jump into the illegal immigration debate.

The revised unemployment claim number for May 5th was 478,000 and initial unemployment claims for May 12th is 434,000. Do the math, on average 400,000 Americans file for unemployment insurance each week and that equates to 20 million Americans without employment. Yet, our president proclaims eleven million illegal workers should be given amnesty and allowed to keep their US jobs.

I would like to learn that our president has a plan for employing US citizens. His party’s plan appears to be, “Don’t upset the Latino vote.”

Washington’s leadership is a failure and Americans should be upset, both parties have forgotten you. To meet the needs of new entry workers, high school and university graduates, job creating requires employers (not governments) hire 300,000 new workers each month.

Among us are individuals who plead that we take in those who arrived illegally. Have they considered what happens to Americans that illegally enter another country. Think of three US young people who strayed into Iran and without trail are in their prison system. Globally many countries require a visa prior to entry, you must depart within a set number of days, and only their citizens are allowed to work and own property.

This past week our president announced, “US employers should increase hiring.” The response from the business community was to the point: “I may not meet my Friday payroll and you tell me I should hire new workers! This is not Washington, we only hire when there is work to be done! Mr. President, if I had your printing press I could turn my business into another Washington like failure! etc.”

If our president continues on the path he currently walks he will be a one term president. The 2012 voting battle will revolve around four years in office and ‘Where are the JOBS?’

Most of us recognize both political parties have failed us. Democrats and Republicans denounce Tea Party members and yet within our country The Tea Baggers may be the beginning of a party representing Americans and the long overdue three-party system.

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  1. If the government and employers work together, there will be more work and jobs will be created. If this happens unemployment will decrease.

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