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It’s Your Money, the Way I See It, June 2011

By Andrew Robbins

CSMS Magazine Staff Writer

To those of you who have been asking for the money rubric, we are glad to let you know that Andrew Robbins is back. In this critical time when going through the day is an uphill battle, Andrew’s analyses could very well be helpful to many of us in financial predicament.

Three hundred million Americans compete in the global economy against six billion competitors. Citizens of each country are ‘like’ a part of a soccer team, playing/competing  for the championship/global resources. However, US politics influenced mainly by elected officials with only a law degree and no business experience, repeatedly they disfranchise and segregate US society into extremely polarized groups. America’s leaders should approach the global economy with an attitude of us verses the rest of the world. Global expansion dictates that Congress can no longer solicit backdoor political donations that otherwise prevent the extinction of noncompetitive special interest.

Think of the businesses that federal and state governments have their fingers in (banking, transportation, utilities, environment, health care, retirement, etc.) These are major categories of private sector employment.

We must also recognize that governments are businesses and secondly ‘Lawyers should not be in charge!’

Have you ever been involved in litigation? Lawyers never want to settle, the longer a case drags on, the more money they make.

Government is a business and we the voters need to recognize this fact and elect people with business experience. And that means the majority of members in both political parties need replacement/voted out. My definition of the two party system is ‘Socialist’ = democrats and ‘Monopoly’ = republican. Neither party embraces capitalism which is the ultimate containment device for the high cost of inflation that awaits the uninformed.

I want to rant a bit about our president. Why? Because governments impact our standard of living.

First, Mr. President you allowed Nancy Pelosi to waste my vote for you and your first two years in office. We now have a National Health Care Plan that for most of us, we have no idea how it will impact our families and multiple sources have told us there is no money to pay for it. My father once said, “Build on the high ground, stuff rolls down hill.” Every man, woman, or child will end up paying for this program which covers people here illegally.

Secondly, your Party desires amnesty for eleven million illegal workers. Each Thursday, the US Department of Labor reports the number of Americans filing first time unemployment. For the month of May, the total number of Americans filing initial unemployment claims was 1,754,000. Average that number over twelve months and we have 20,000,000 unemployed Americans.

Mr. President, who in your administration speaks for the unemployed? Where are the jobs for Americans? Is amnesty for illegal workers a good idea when so many of our own people are without jobs?

Last week you were in Ireland trying to find your Irish roots. I wish you would spend more time solving America’s unemployment problem. As you have wasted most of your first term and have not yet surrounded yourself with advisors capable of solving employment issues, I am willing to provide you with sound advice from the business community:

a.) Americans are not against foreign workers seeking US entry and employment. The procedure is called applying for a work visa. The need for such workers must first be established and there is a process attracting skilled labor while denying entry to criminals and keeping our country safe.

b.) If your party desires to employ Americans, you all need to step-up and embrace the business community. Eliminate the federal corporate income tax! Let me explain how it works. When a corporation pays federal taxes, those taxes are not paid by the corporation, they are paid by the persons who buy corporate goods or services. And when you factor in the taxes paid at each unit of business (commodities, refinement, manufacturing, part assemble, wholesale, retail, etc.) we the people overpay for products that ultimately finance wasteful special interest monopolies and addictive social agendas.

c.) End extended unemployment benefits. Two plus years of unemployment is a disservice to the unemployed. While Michigan experienced severe unemployment, unemployment benefits encouraged workers to stay put while corporations in Texas were begging for skilled labor. Hey, let the cat out of the bag! If workers move from state to state every ten years the census numbers take or add federal representatives and both political parties try to avoid the unemployed leaving their state and a redistribution of Washington power.

OH, if you are the first country to eliminate the federal corporate income tax then be prepared for an influx of European, Asian, etc. corporations. They will relocate to the country with the lowest tax rate. Mr. President if I can be of further service, contact the editor of CSMS Magazine and he will arrange for a telephone conversation.

Note: This magazine and the author are not in the business of providing financial services or advice. Prior to investing, readers must seek professional assistance.

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