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It is important to honor our women

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

 In CSMS Magazine, we seriously value our women, and we always give them the awesome respect they so deserve. But the month of March is particularly special for women. It is the month put aside to give a unique recognition to the gender of which without it reproduction would have been impossible. There can be no life without women—for all the practical purposes: from the mother who has nurtured, sheltered, fed and guided us to the treacherous path of manhood to those who have given their distinct contributions in the arenas of education, technology, healthcare, politic and literature to those whose voices will always be our guiding light in the some-time dumpy, scary, unjust and cruel world long after they have passed from the scene—Martha Jean-Claude, Toto Bisainthe etc..                 It is our duty this month to say thanks to all women worldwide. A female reader from Kazakhstan—a Central Asian republic—wrote to say that “although in my country the struggle for gender equality is a tough one to be in, that does not stop the growing movement for the recognition of [our] contribution in our society.”            Just like slavery was never accepted and has always been resisted the minute it was imposed, women never accepted the condition in which they are forced to operate, even in the most repressive societies like Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Afghanistan etc..            In Haiti, Esmeralda Milcé (above in the picture) is one woman who is proving that even in macho societies women can be as effective as men when it comes to working on behalf of the Haitian youngsters. She is a flamboyant radio commentator atRadio Nationale, Haiti’s Sate Radio.  “Besides working at the radio station, I work as part of the press corps for certain artists, especially those who like the work I do. I help them bring clarity to their messages aimed at transforming society for the better,” she told our Port-au-Prince correspondent, Frantz Délice.Esmerald is truly a woman crafted to do multitasks. Working at Radio Nationale, she also hosts certain programs at the Haitian National Television (TNH) while collaborating with one of the country’s most established newspapers, Le Matin.Esmeralda is the subject of a long French article by Frantz Délice. So, Esmeralda Milcé is the Woman of the Month for CSMS Magazine.Also see Florence Alexis: A frantic and jovial personage

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