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Israel nazi style butchering of the Lebanese children has enraged the entire world

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

 Early this morning, Israel struck a one-thousand-pound bomb into Qana, a Lebanese village, 15 miles southeast of the Lebanese bombed-struck city of Tyre. More than one hundred people are fear dead, half of them are children. The latest victims have put the death toll in to the thousands, as mass graves have been dug throughout southern Lebanon to bury the dead because hospital morgues have swelled beyond capacity.            An angry Lebanese prime minister, Fouad Sionora, went on television to declare that Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of State, not welcome to his country until a cease fire is put in place. The war now enters its third week, and Israeli’s aim at extirpating Hezbollah forces in southern Lebanon appeared to have stalled. The Hawks in both Jerusalem and Washington want to make the Shiite population and, by extension, the entire population of Lebanon that wholeheartedly supports the Lebanese fighters pay a heavy price. And they have the so-called mainstream media to sheer. From the World Street Journal to the New York Times to The Washington Post, the victory frenzy over a vastly outnumbered and outgunned adversary like Hezbollah is shamefully trumpeted, displaying a blatant hatred for Arab and people like them who dare to take a stand against tyranny.                 South Lebanon is now a wasteland inhabited by stranded people, abandoned animals and Hezbollah fighters who are putting a ferocious resistance to the Israeli onslaught. Syrian Cabinet Minister Bouthaina Shaaban, speaking on CNN, accused Israel of committing war crime against humanity. In the face of Israeli war crime, the whole world has been on its feet. From Sydney to London to Paris to Tripoli to Cairo to Rome, thousands took to the streets to demand an immediate halt to the Israeli aggression.            The truth is, with hundreds of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads in its arsenal, the Israeli army listens to no one but to the United States, which funds, arms and trains its soldiers, modernizes its high-tech weaponry and gives it carte blanche to intimidate, harass, occupy, and ultimately attempt to bomb its neighbors out of submission. The ferocious attack on a fragile country like Lebanon is designed to send a message to the Arab world that Israel holds supreme power in the region, and only “It” should maintain that supremacy. Adding to that is the impotence of Arab governments, their mediocrity, their incompetence, their long history of bowing to crusaders dictates, and their own inherit sadistic means of suppressing their own populations—for they owed their stay in power to Washington and Europe, not to the masses they brutalize every day—that render the situation even worse.            Never before since the 1930s, during Hitler’s hellish eastern campaign to subjugate Eastern Europe that the world has witnessed such atrocities. Washington and Tel-Aviv have made their agenda of reshaping the Middle East a policy of furtherance of war, aiming at intimidating their opponents while using their military war machine backed by high-tech weaponry to silence their opponents. It does not matter if one million children die in the process. And those who dare to resist face certain death, as one Israeli general interviewed on French television France-2 made clear yesterday. What we are witnessing today is classic repeat of the Nazis’ eastern campaign against European Russia and Soviet central Asia in 1943. Back then, Hitler’s aim was to take control of the Soviet vast mineral wealth of Central Asia that would have allowed him to wage war indefinitely. Millions died in the process, including 10 million Soviet citizens and about six million Jews.           Today in the Middle East, the aim is to put in place a pavilion of puppet regimes ready to pledge allegiance only to Washington and all its client states such as Israel. That would allow them to seize control of the huge oil reserve of the Arab states and in case of Israel, occupy Arab lands indefinitely. It is ashamed that 55 years later, the victims of Hitler have suddenly become the butchers of Arabs.          CSMS Magazine denounces with all its might the injustice against innocent Arab civilians. Let the world be united against the bloodthirsty, warmongers who, in this 21st century, still want to subject the entire universe to the rule of the jungle. Like Noam Chomsky puts it, “Decency and social justice have no place in US foreign policy. Intimidation, fear and total obedience do.” Every life is precious, whether it is Israeli or Arab; and we honestly deplore the lives of Israeli civilians killed by Hezbollah rockets. But Israeli action is no match to what an Arab militia can offer to what has been described a one of the most sophisticated armies in the world.

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