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Honor to Saint Expedite

By Jean-Marie Eugene

Special to CSMS Magazine

For years, I resented the acknowledgment of the power of the super natural. However, recent personal life experiences have led me to believe that it is true that faith and perseverance can indeed reverse dangerous trends. My wife and I have just emerged from an entrenched state of persecution, taking every imaginable form anyone can think of. The most basic elements of success were simply slipping out of our control, even as we speechlessly watched with glaring eyes.  It is quite easy to inflict pain in pristine bodies than to cure the pain itself—an old proverb of which its truism will last forever. And when evil spells have been casted on you, only a strong will and faith can forestall and ultimately reverse the trend.

Growing up in a small catholic town—and a couple of times I was one of the altar boys at the parish—I was raised to believe in the merit of virtue. If you do the right thing by going to school, staying out of trouble and play by the rules, you should do not just okay, but well. It sounds conventional and strategically correct. But in the world of the jungle, where ignorance reigns, where jealousy and enviousness rule at the throne of evil doers, survival skill is the quintessential element, the pivotal point for success. That is, if success means “staying alive.”

My wife and I have fallen into the trap of evil doers after naively trusting people—close relatives and friends—whose emotion stemmed from hatred have surpassed no other. Every laugh was a deceived one, every phone call was a hypocritical one and their every move was filled with evil spells designed to do away with our seemingly social and economic success—illusory image—that my family has portrayed.  Looking for your enemies, you need not to go very far. They are right here at home, watching your every move. However, their stealth-ness and sneaky ways coupled with your innocent naiveté usually make it impossible to unveil them. 

But evil doers never had the ultimate power. Only God does, and if you put your trust in Him and in the power of His disciples, no evil doer can do you harm. As long as justice is on your side, you will always remain one step ahead.

There were days everything looked gray, darkish gray when the glimmer of hope did not seem to come by. It was one in one of these days that a friend of ours came to visit. Upon noticing our unusual demeanor, she advised to we make a vow to Saint Expedite, which we did. We lit a candle in honor of Saint Expedite. We made our demands and we promised to spread his name should our demands be granted. Indeed, our demands were answered, honored and granted. Our persecution is now in remission, and our persecutors are now in hibernation.

Note: Remember, when you are in devotion, you must not stop until your demands are granted. Choose a time of the day that is most convenient to you to do your prayer or speak to Saint Expedite. Be consistent, be frank and be in-sync with Saint Expedite. Do not slack-off. Stick to these lines: Whatever spells that befall me, I should not be wounded, killed or incarcerated. If any sentence be in this day against me, let it be revoked by the power of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

For more info on how to better address Saint Expedite, visit: www.saintexpedite.org

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