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Holding your breath as the story unfold from Transit in Chicago

CSMS Magazine Staff writers

Our editorial board has received a barrage of e-mails commenting on the transition to power the Obama team in Chicago has been putting in place. Many readers seem to remain skeptical on several choices already announced, and the news of Hillary Clinton as Madame Secretary—Obama’s chef de la diplomatie—appears to have struck a chord in the heart of a lot of diehard supporters of Obama who went to the polls excitedly in a tacit response to Obama’s call for change.

            CSMS Magazine is working on a weekly rubric as part of an effort to bring in-depth but overlooked analyses as more appointees are coming into light, offering a better glimpse of what an Obama administration will look like. As we always say since the beginning of the campaign, Barack Obama may be an honest politician with a humanist visage, but he is by no means leading a revolution. Expectations for radical change must be lowered, and outright disappointment must be put into context.

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