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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of our readers!

CSMS Magazine Staff WritersAs we all know, there isn’t a price tag anyone can put on LOVE, but because most of us is overwhelmed by immediate obligations, we tend to put aside the most important thing that empowers us to wake up every day and be able to go thorough the day with the energy, the motivation and the courage to face any challenge and triumph over whatever obstacle that might come our way.Yes, love is priceless, and so is the affection needed to nourish it. We water our garden every day so the flowers can blossom year around. And in doing so, we have created a rock-solid bond between the water that keeps the soil fertile and the nutrient that is quintessential to maintaining the glow of our garden.  It is a fact of life. Those who care the most about us must be wholeheartedly acknowledged. Sometimes, a simple one-minute phone call can make a big difference in a friend’s day. A nice postcard will definitely put to rest whatever doubt that is still lingering in someone’s mind with regards to his or her relationship with his or her kin.In CSMS Magazine, we sincerely acknowledge the love that our readers has demonstrated over the years for our magazine, and we believe that there can’t be no other moment better than this one to send millions of  BISOUS (kisses) to our fervent and devoted readership.HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!  (Hey, don’t forget to take the spouse out tonight.) 

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