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Happy New Year!

CSMS Magazine Staff writers

Every year, we choose one person as our person of the year. But this year, we’ve decided to choose a country, instead. That country is Cuba. We believe it is important to acknowledge the country’s awesome and strategic accomplishments in 50 years. One may disagree with the ideology behind Cuba’s successes, but one cannot ignore the facts surrounding the country’s progress in Education and in Science.

            Let’s hope that 2009 is the year that brings consolation to all of our major problems, noticeably financial and healthcare. Let’s focus on one resolution that we think we can achieve. Choose one and stick to it.

            It has been a devastating year for many around the world. Haiti, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, Congo, Sudan and now Palestine have suffered the most. May 2009 be the turning point.

            Finally, may 2009 be the year you will finally finish the novel that you have started long ago. Redouble your energy to go back to school. Knowledge is power. Do not procrastinate. Slack-offish behaviors never pay off.

            To all of our diehard readers, we love you. Have a safe and prosperous New Year!

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