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Happy New Year!

happy new y_LICSMS Magazine Staff Writers

What a year it has been! Two thousand and sixteen will be remembered as one of the most gut wrenching in modern time. The Creole fascists in Haiti have managed to retain their role as marionettes in the hands of foreign interests. In Sub-Saharan Africa, life is as precarious as ever. In Yemen, citizens have been reduced to living in the thinnest edge of human existence.  So many other places in the world where life has become hell on Earth. Reactionary forces seem to be in the offensive in many fronts. Yet, there is still hope, for the greatest misfortune that can befall a nation is the loss of hope. Victory will never be sweet if there are no pitfalls and setbacks along the way. Keep hope alive throughout the 2017 and beyond. To this understanding, CSMS Magazine wishes all of its readers a healthy and prosperous new year.

Happy New Year!

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