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Franck Laraque is one of our big losses this year

By Ardain Isma

franck laraCSMS Magazine

More and more, the authentic Haitian left is fading before our eyes, and Franck Laraque was one of the veterans of this long and treacherous road towards Haitian socialism. Eighty years have come and gone since Jacques Roumain and few of his comrades launched the effective fight for social equality. Today, this dream remains as elusive as ever. Franck, who passed away this year, was one of the pragmatic patriots totally devoted to the marvelous Haitian realism, as described by Jacques Stephen Alexis in his Prolegomena made public in 1956 at the Paris Congress.

Franck and his brother Paul—also passed away—upheld the patriotic romanticism to the deepest end of their souls. Undoubtedly, his passing this year was hard to digest—at a time when Haiti seems to be taking a nosedive into oblivion. Franck believed the fight to reconquer political independence is all the more urgent. Social justice in Haiti can never be brought to bear without a political force—independent of foreign interference. Franck, I salute you!

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