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Haiti will once again land on its feet

CSMS Magazine

Ardain Isma

Haiti will definitely land on its feet. In 2 days, the country will celebrate its victory over the French forces in 1804, letting the world know that slavery could indeed be defeated. It was a victory that sent shockwaves to the sadistic hearts of slave owners everywhere, and they were powerful, Thomas Jefferson included. That prompted the colonial powers to introduce a policy of containment, refusing to recognize its independence while they were doing everything in their power to make sure the Haitian story would never be repeated. On top of that, they worked tirelessly to ensure the story of those men and women, who rose from the yoke of slavery to defeat the world’s mightiest army, will never be a successful story. Haiti is now down in darkness while facing humiliation everywhere. But recent political events in the country where the masses continue to demand justice have raised hope that Haiti will someday rise again.

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