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Haiti: The mobilization continues unabated

haiti mobilize aCSMS Magazine

The drive to uproot Jovenel Moise in Haiti is entering its ninth week with no sign of subsiding. The enemy was hoping to kill the popular resistance through intimidation and manipulation. It failed. Now, according to news out of Port-au-Prince, Jovenel has mobilized his criminal enterprise, dressing violent gang members from his PHTK party to randomly shoot at young militants from the popular neighborhoods as Amnesty International confirmed last week. The opposition’s response has been swift. The roadblocks that have been used to paralyze the dying regime have been reinforced. Radio Zenith, a medium at the forefront against Moise, heralded this afternoon a new mobilization nicknamed operation KRAZE GREN (final offensive) to begin Monday morning. Haitians are telling the world that their defiance is unflinching, unrelenting, unwavering, indefatigable and inexhaustible.

We’re not sure if this is going to be the final blow. However, deracinating Jovenel Moise is the dazzling hope in Haiti. The video below confirms Haitian’s determination. It is from Gonaives, Haiti’s third largest city.

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