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Haiti: The final salvos!

Haiti final offensiveCSMS Magazine

From coast to coast, Haitians are speaking with one voice, “NOU BOUKE!” We’ve had enough. “Today is do or die,” chanted thousands of protesters. This is the Haitian version of hybrid warfare or using street protests to achieve political objectives. But it seems until a transitional government is in place (even after), the mobilization will likely to continue.

The masses understand they need to remain vigilant, for there are people who have a Machiavellian interest in forcing Haiti down the path to destruction and military intervention. In one video, a jeep pulled by the side of a road. Armed men quickly approached it. Windows rolled down, and payroll checks were handed out. In paying armed men to go rampaging, they’re creating the perfect condition for foreign forces to enter the country.

In their inability to find a replacement for Jovenel Moise, the enemies of Haiti are inducing chaos to provoke a civil war. Several names have been circulating as the instigators. CSMS Magazine has been unable to confirm. Today is the final offensive.

Watch the videos below:

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