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Haiti reaffirms once more its desire to rid itself of its enemies

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As predicted, Haiti rose this morning with the same determination: Get rid of Jovenel Moise. While the enemies of Haiti were already claiming victory—whatever victory means here for them—the Haitian people want the world to know this time there is no turning back. They want real change—change traditional politicians cannot offer. Haitians in the diaspora are beginning to mobilize in support of their brothers on the island. Great! We need to speak with one voice. Whether you live in New York, Miami, Boston, Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, Canada, France, and other places outside of Haiti, if you believe in the poetic justice your brothers and sisters in Haiti are seeking, you need to step up.

The Jovenel government was effectively put out of commission on September 27th when the masses unleashed barrages after barrages of salvos on what was left of his dying regime. Today, from sea to shining sea, the message was unequivocal. It was a response to certain foreign embassies that delivered a stern warning to the opposition earlier this week while urging dialogue with the thieves who have pillaged the country’s meager resources while millions of Haitians go hungry every day.

Viv Ayiti!

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