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Haiti in total rebellion

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Port-au-Prince–The country woke up this morning with the same fury as last Friday. On several occasions, police tried without success to contain the demonstrators. Defiant young men in facemasks took on the savage cops like romantic fighters in a heated battlefield. They threw at police everything they could lay their hands on, including stones, sticks etc. No one wants a protracted fight, for this one is the LAST one in a struggle that is all but won.

Early this afternoon, rumors spread the so-called Core Group—France, Canada, Brazil and the United States—are in a deadlock over the removal of the defunct president. They say France and Canada agree to remove Jovenel while USA and Brazil oppose. True or not, this is one more reason to harden the resolve in the drive not only to get rid of Jovenel, but also to cleanse Haiti of all stooges bent on compromising the country’s dignity and that of its people. In any event, it’s not up to Trump, nor Balsonaro, nor Macron, nor Trudeau to decide when Jovenel goes. It’s up to Haitians and Haitians alone.

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