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Haiti continues its freefall into chaos as Jovenel Moise refuses to go

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Port-au-Prince–Chaos in Haiti is nothing new. Political gridlock, economic stagnation, rampant crime, all have been the contributing factors to this calamity. But as Jovenel Moise continues to be the country’s president and as long as there are people in the international community who continue to back him and also as long as the opposition is not strong enough to seize power, things are most likely to get worse. Getting worse, indeed they are. Listen what happened yesterday morning somewhere in Carrefour, a suburban section in southern Port-au-Prince.

Just this afternoon, a security guard was gunned down inside the Haitian parliament. The country has been completely shut down. Unemployment is more than 70 percent. Basic commodities are out of reach to average people. It takes great skills to survive in the unforgiving streets of urban Haiti. The country is being held hostage by Jovenel Moise and his cronies who continue to remain at their posts even as an entire country wants them to step aside. The only solution is the creation of a united front, a counter force if you will, made up of patriotic Haitians that will ultimately put an end to this painful chapter in the country’s history.  Senator Sorel Jacinth is accusing the Senate president Murat Cantave for using fear tactic and bribery to force the ratification of Jovenel’s latest PM nominee Fritz William Michel.

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