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Featuring Talan in “Eskise mwen”

By Christine Jean-Pierre
CSMS Magazine Staff Writer
This week, CSMS Magazine is putting on display this beautiful artiste from Martinique. She is from the opposite side of modern zouk. She seems to have chosen the path to holistic Creole, singing in an acoustic style that has already stolen the hearts of thousands. Talan is her nom d’artiste for sure, and we intend to call her this way. Guitarist David Chantalou joins her in the piece. She is a mulâtresse with an impeccable filtered voice, but she is truly distinguishable for her uniqueness and her exotic simplicity. She has done several videos, including her brilliant interpretation of “Love to Love you” originated from the Haitian famed Compas band Djet-X. So, Talan is our artist of the week. So, let’s watch: 

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