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Father Gérard Jean Juste has died

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

CSMS Magazine has learned of the passing of Father Gérard Jean Juste last Wednesday after suffering a stroke. For some time now, Jean-Juste has not been enjoying a good health. He was diagnosed with Leukemia and was undergoing treatment. Although the last few years of his life have been controversial, Father Jean-Juste will surely be missed. He was the one who revolutionized the refugee struggle in the 1980s, and because of his strong leadership and his uncompromising stand, Haitians and other minorities have made substantial gains in the fight for equal justice for the immigrant community.  The passing of Jean-Juste has once again brought back old and unforgettable memories of a struggle crafted and coordinated by the progressive movement in the 1980s. Jean-Juste also has joined a long list of fellow comrades who have gone before him, walking into the sunset while leaving behind an unfinished struggle with a blurry horizon. We pay tribute to the life of this kind and respectable gentleman. He was 62.

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