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Do not make judgments

relationship1aAngeline Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Do not judge a book by its cover. This may seem hypocritical because most men are much more visual than women. It is always been this way, and it’s meant to be this way. Men have always been expected to be the ones to make the approach, and the only thing they must go on when approaching a woman, they have never met is looks. Even though society has come a long way in terms of gender roles, we must recognize that some of the more traditional expectations still exist. So, when it comes to first impressions, try not to make snap judgements, like men do. Whether you are looking for a guy or a date, remember that you are only scratching the surface when you meet a man. Give him a chance to reveal himself instead of sizing him up and shutting him down in the first two minutes.

First impressions are critical, but do not jump to conclusions. Stay open, receptive, and interested.  The minute you shut down, put up your guard, and disconnect, he will, too. For instance, maybe he is shorter than your usual type, and you think that he makes less money than you. Do not dismiss him. He may be a great person and may even appreciate you more and treat you better than a taller, wealthier man would. The point is you don’t know so don’t make assumptions just yet. If you are still single and looking for that certain “type” consistently then it may be time to change your perspective on the kind of man you are looking to date. True love could come in an unfamiliar package that you never expected to receive; therefore, it is important to always keep an open mind.

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