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CSMS Magazine is launching a quiet drive

CSMS Magazine Staff writers

 We have been online for over three years, and we have always been faithful to our vivid readers. The cornerstone behind this faithfulness is pure honesty coupled with a die-hard conviction and a strong belief in the self-imposed obligation to promote education, cross-cultural awareness and, above all, social justice.     We were able to stay alive all these years, thanks in part to our parent organization, The Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies—a nonprofit entity from which CSMS Magazine was stemmed. Since that starry night back in May of 2005 when we first launched our quest to educate and preach the truth, we have grown considerably—both in substance and in our ability to shake souls from far-reaching corners of the globe.     These new realities bring with them new and more sustainable obligations that sometimes require great sacrifices as we work until wee hour in the morning to bring you the best, objective and unequivocal truth.     Because of our ever-growing strength, it has become ever more difficult for our parent organization to pick up the slack. That is why we come to you to help in the effort. We are asking you to make a small donation in US dollar no less than 4$ and up to whatever you can afford. You can click on the donation button located on the upper-left corner to make your donation, or you can send your donation to:   CSMS Magazine   P.O. Box 819   Saint Augustine, Florida 32085   We have always believed that our readership is our extended hand that we never intended to use. However without your help, we may not be able to maintain the quality of work that you so deserve.    The number of kind words we have received over the past few days while we were down is indicative that our magazine is well appreciated. From China to Canada to the Caribbean to all over continental USA, the wishes were overwhelming. We just can’t find the words to express our gratitude to your continued support. We want to say it in three words: WE LOVE YOU!    And we count on your generosity to make a small donation today.    Sincerely,CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

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