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Commas for Soul Searchers

Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Last Friday, Ardain Isma had an opportunity to hold yet another conversation with prolific author Mary Palmer. The topic of their conversation was Mary’s new book titled “Commas for Soul Searchers.”  A moving anthology, this new book is a collection of essays and short stories supported with illustrations of the qualities that are essential in human nature such as compassion, forgiveness, hope, courage, generosity, and faith.

Dealing with both life and death, it has a variety of examples of respect and good values. As the author explains in the interview, the aim of writing the book was to touch people where their heart lies to have them make connections with their situations. Through comparing commas to pauses in life, the author notes “it should inspire people to think about what is truly important. The stories also describe the essential rhythm of life containing the high notes, low notes and the tempo that can only remain balanced if we know where to put the commas. We can only truly enjoy life if we recognize the signs telling us when to listen and when to speak.”

You can watch the video below.

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