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Charlemagne Péralte and the ancillary findings

CSMS Magazine Staff writers

Ever since we published the article on the state of the Haitian government, we have been receiving a lot of e-mails from Haitian compatriots, expressing their indignations against Haitian officials and against what they see as blatant disregards for public affairs. This is not surprising since we already know the depth of the anger ravaging the hearts and souls of all Haitians who dream of a country where all citizens would be masters of their own destiny. What is so striking is that more than half of the readers evoked the name and spirit of legendary resistance leaders against the US occupation of Haiti in the 1915s, Charlemagne Péralte.  Many readers were emphatic in their disapproval of the Préval regime, like Roosevelt Saint-Preux from Montreal, who expressed his gross disdain for those currently hold power in Port-au-Prince. “They have no shame, but they will have to pay for what they have done after having contributed to the desolation of my motherland,” he wrote.

            Ninety years after his crucifixion for resisting a humiliating occupation, Péralte’s glory and stoicism never fade in the minds of millions of Haitians—young and old. And Péralte’s heroism seems to be felt even more at a time when Haiti’s independence is clearly on shaky grounds, when the country is on the brink of disintegration and when politicians act like shameless ducks where no scruple has ever held them back from their genocidal misdeeds. But to all who have expressed their rage, we must tell them to keep the faith. Haiti shall not perish, and the day the masses rise up again as they did in various times before in history, the gurus will be struck like thunderbolts in the midst of electrically charged gray clouds before a major rainstorm. Those who conspire to destroy Haiti will someday pay the consequences, and Charlemagne Péralte will always be the guiding light from which the road to liberation will be shown.  

General strike paralyzed France

Millions have descended to the streets all over France on Thursday, the country’s largest strike in three years. According to France’s main television station France 2,all major sectors of society nearly came to a standstill, transportation, school, hospital and mail services as unions demanded that President Nicolas Sarkozy’s takes step to better protect jobs and consumers’ buying power during this global economic crisis. It was estimated that more than 2.5 million protesters took part, including tens of thousands of youths, retirees and unemployed.  It was with great difficulties thatFrance 2 was able to stay on the air because most of its personnel were on strike. According to a TV spokesperson, subcontractors had to be called in for 6 O’clock news program.

Our Paris correspondent, Marie-Jeannine Myrthil, whom we spoke to by phone, confirmed that people marched across towns and cities, asking for Sarkozy to act now or else. Around Place Concorde, near downtown Paris, Police moved in to block groups of young protestors who wanted to overrun police barricades as they attempted to push their way toward Champs Elizé.  

            A coalition of 7 unions called the strike, which was scrupulously observed, and they called it “Black Thursday.” By late afternoon, Sarkozy, fearing the potential impact and the repercussion on his administration and reforms, announced plans to meet with unions’ leaders in February in order to find a better way forward. As if Sarkozy really cares. Many economists believe this year, economic growth is expected to stay flat in France, with unemployment — now at 7.7 percent — below the double-digit figures of 10 years ago. Consumer spending has reached a new low, prompting Sarkozy to announce earlier this month a 26 billion euro ($33 billion) stimulus plan, but the unions believe it is not enough.

A new plea

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