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By Andrew Robbins

By Andrew RobbinsCSMS Magazine Staff Writer

 Following our last article, we had a good number of readers who conveyed their interest in the rubric. As promised, here is the second installment.Does the reader remember Wall Street’s financial failures? Congress reduced oversight while an administration heavily influenced by the private sector clamored for all workers to be legislated into a retirement system that nourished Wall Streets’ greed.    Washington’s collective effort resulted in millions of workers loosing billions of dollars.    We’ve observed Congress jumping to bail out Wall Street. Now is the time for political pressure to shore-up Main Street and the social security system.   Your retirement needs not depend solely on the actions of Wall Street. Social Security is funded through payroll tax. It was never envisioned as an instrument for providing cradle to the grave protection. Yet, Social Security should remain intact and viewed as an instrument of last resort that provides a supplement to an individual’s retirement savings. A level of last resort that provides ‘something’ in the event you fail to manage your account.     Retirement is your responsibility. Fail to manage, become complacent, and you may never obtain the financial resources that allow one to retire.NoteNeither the author nor CSMS Magazine is in the business of providing the public with financial services. Readers are advised to seek financial counseling prior to investing.Also see It’s Your Money, The Way I See It  Telling us the truth: Bailing out Wall Street or bailing out the country? The financial crisis in the US and the mirage of an enlightened global capitalismGlobal stock markets stumbled in the aftermath of the Wall Street downslide on Monday

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