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British writer Fifi Pottier is my guest in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Today, British writer Fifi Pottier is my guest in The Conversation. The interview was conducted a few weeks ago. We talked about her first fantasy novel titled Vampire Emily. This is a story about a girl named Emily who has been living a normal life until tragedy strikes. Feeling betrayed, she is turned into a vampire. She now lives in the scary world of the supernatural—the world of werewolves, witches, and vampires. She must keep a delicate balance, walking down a thin blue line, navigating through a slippery slope where competing forces keep a fragile peace.

This is an intriguing story as many readers have concluded. Fifi manages her pen very carefully to build a world unknown to mankind. What is so fascinating is the fact that throughout the story, the main character is not described. “How did you manage to write such the story without describing the protagonist?” I asked Fifi.

“Growing up, I’m a huge horror fan. I loved the vampire genre. I loved the witches, zombies…but the books that I fell in love with as a teenager, as a young adult and even now, a lot of them portray the main character as your traditional [hero]. So, in Vampire Emily, one of the things I wanted to step away from was that I didn’t want to describe what she looked like…..” To Fifi, giving physical attributes to the protagonist would prevent a reader from seeing himself in the character—the hero he would want to be.

The story is a page turner as one reader wrote. “I really enjoyed the book. The concept is very interesting, and I loved the plot twist…”

Vampire Emily may be Fifi’s debut novel, but it is by no means the end of a journey in the author’s writing career. Fifi is currently working on her second novel. To learn more about Fifi’s works, you can visit her website.

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