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CSMS Magazine Staff writers

As we are reporting this flash while watching CNN, heavy gunfire can be heard loud and clear coming from the area around square. Just about 30 minutes ago, an ambulance was seeing transporting the body of a demonstrator. What we are seeing now sounds like heavy artillery fire that began in a sporadic fashion that is turning into a sustained pounding. It is difficult to say for sure who is firing. It is now 5:22 am Cairo time.

The situation is deteriorating rapidly. As daylight comes, no one knows for sure how ugly this is going to be. Eyewitnesses said they heard anti-Mubarak demonstrators crying, “Be prepared for martyrdom. We are not going away.”

The State Department has ordered an immediate evacuation of all US citizens out of Egypt.

Dictators, when their political tenures are threatened, they can no longer play the Mr.-Nice-Guy true statesmen. They sternly morph into mountain lions on a killing spree to satisfy they hunger. Without a doubt, Mubarak days are numbered. It is no longer if or how he leaves, but when he leaves. The shocking images coming out of Cairo have forced many to believe that the Egyptian dictator should leave sooner, rather than later.

Mubarak: Unmasked

CSYF Magazine staff writers

The western powers did what they could to help Mubarak get a face-saving exit. He appears to un-budged, hunkering down like a cornered predator who refuses to relinquish his thirst for blood. In the process, Egyptian President has literally unmasked himself, exposing his real face to the world—a desperate Arabian ruler who will not go without a fight.

“It was Pandemonium,” said CNN Anderson Cooper to describe the assault launched by regime thugs on peaceful anti-government demonstrators in Cairo this morning. The battle raged throughout the day as government agents disguised as protesters tried to fight their way into the city’s central square to chase the protesters away. When it was over, 3 people were dead and scores were wounded. It is estimated that 600 people were taken to the hospital. Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, has finally unmasked himself so the whole could see his true face.

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