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Big political change in Colombia

CSMS Magazine

The wind of change is blowing STRONG over Colombia. Gustavo Petro and Francia Marquez, two of the most beloved politicians have won the presidential election held last month–the first leftist to win a presidential election and the first black woman to be elected VP in Colombia’s political history. The people have spoken!

This win now confirms the new leftist wave that is sweeping Latin America is truly real. Brazil might be next with Lula Da Silva who is poised to win and win big this autumn. As many times before, however, these waves always bring hopes, but those hopes have always proven to be difficult to turn into concrete reality.

Winning the presidency is in no way enough to bring about the profound changes the country needs to turn things around for the benefit of the masses. In the case of Colombia, the struggle might be steeper because what standing in the way is an entrenched corrupt political establishment that still controls all reigns of power starting with the military. Let’s hope Gustavo and Francia find a way to navigate successfully.

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