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Author Cole Poindexter speaks with Ardain Isma

Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Few weeks ago, Ardain had the privilege to speak with Cole Poindexter. They talked about Cole’s debut thriller titled Inherit. The protagonist, Parker Derrick, learns that she’s inherited her great aunt’s grand estate after a personal tragedy. After her mother’s death, Parker Derrick receives a letter from her Aunt Amelia Abbott, naming her as sole heir of a home in Arkansas. When Parker visits the estate, the staff are exceptionally kind. Then events take a dramatic turn, and the story develops from here with a lot of suspense and intrigues.

The novel is part of a two-part book series. The author takes the reader in a suspenseful journey. The author told Ardain that it took him five months to complete this novel. The protagonist is a female with a male name, Parker Derrick. When Ardain asked him why he had chosen a male name for a female character, he said he had to use a name generator, and the name that came up was the one he utilized for the development stages of the book.

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