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Bernie Sanders: It’s time to take the gloves off

bernie best 2aArdain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Mimi Rocah’s last week attack on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was the latest in a series of attacks—covert and overt—against the candidate in an attempt to torpedo the minds of many undecided primary voters, stalling them as they’re fast leaning towards the campaign’s message: Free health care, free education, eliminating the malignant student debt issue etc.

Mimi Rocah, MSNBC commentator, went on the network last week and lashed out at Bernie Sanders, saying his message makes her “skin crawl,” and he doesn’t appear to be a “pro-woman candidate.” Of course, Rocah is one of the best people to speak in such a vulgar term. She was born and raised in the mold of the northeastern establishment entre soi. So, she feels personally endangered. One thing we need to understand, however, is that her appalling words were not simply HERS; they were symptomatic to a frustration boiled over. Folks from the upper-crust layer of society feel Bernie’s antagonistic message is a direct assault on the established power—their power—for which they’re determined to fight with the best weapon from their arsenal: the corporate media.

One wonders why MSNBC, a news organization that has built its reputations as an “advocate” for social justice, can be so consistent in attacking one of the candidates who is arguably the most progressive in the fight against corporate greed? The answer is not far off, for a bourgeois democracy foregrounds on the premise of upholding the status quo. MSNBC is an eminent part of that media with an audience considered the most favorable to positively receive the progressive message, not CNN dubious analyses under the pretext of journalistic fairness, let alone Fox News message that is utterly hateful, divisive, and politically repugnant.

It was Joy Reed, MSNBC host of a Saturday morning show, who first aired the blatant lies last month as she reported from a women’s conference in Texas, claiming black women in America despise the message, implicitly insulting the intelligence of African Americans as if they don’t know what’s best for them.

I can’t call Ms. Reed’s revolting, abhorrent lies as an ineptitude, for she is not an incompetent individual; but if MSNBC were so JUST in objective journalism and so kin to the struggle for social justice, why the network fired Tamron Hall, a black woman who hosted a very popular show for less than a million dollar a year to replace her with Megyn Kelly, a former Fox News talk show host, whose conservative views were an open secret? They signed Kelly for 69 million dollars.

They hate Bernie Sanders because he threatens their stranglehold on Washington. But the Bernie’s campaign has responded through a well-crafted ad directed by one the campaign’s top officials: Nina Turner who uses Bernie’s long track record in the fight for women’s equality. This is a start. The campaign needs to go on the offensive from now on, forcing them to focus on the core issues facing the nation rather than focusing on every trivia that comes out of Donald Trump mouth.

Note: Figuratively, entre soi means between themselves.

Watch the video bellow.

Ardain Isma is a novelist and editing manager at CSMS Magazine . He heads the Center for Strategic and Multicultural Studies. He also teaches Introduction to Research Methods at Embry Riddle University. To see his books, click here.

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