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Barack Obama: President Elect

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

From sea to shining sea, America has spoken. Barack Obama, the son of a Kenyan father and a white girl from Arkansas, managed to seduce America with his charm to become the 44thpresident of the United States. In a resounding speech before 100,000 sheering supporters earlier this evening, Obama vowed to uphold his campaign promises, and he may have his way because he will be sworn in a head of a party that will command a substantial majority in Congress.

As soon as the polls were closed on the East Coast, Barack Obama had been on a roll, taking a commanding lead over his republican rival, John McCain. Obama’s election has triggered a never-seen-before frenzy around the world. From Paris to Berlin to Sidney, Australia, it was jubilation. It looks as if the whole world was holding its breath and hope that America at last will project human face.    

 Here in America, the party drags on until wee hour in the morning. From Harlem, to the avenue in Atlanta where the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was born, to Oakland, Calif., Americans black and white celebrated Barack Obama’s election with tears, the honking of horns, screams of joy, arms lifted skyward.

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