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Barack Obama: No Longer Missing in Action

By Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Until today, President Barack Obama remained largely on the sideline as emotion continues to run high over the death of Trayvon Martin. On Sunday, a written statement was read on his behalf, telling America to respect the verdict, for “a jury has spoken.” That did little to appease the growing anger sweeping the land. If anything, his silence has been taken as awkwardly unacceptable. This morning, however, Obama halted his self-impose muteness and spoke candidly about the issue of race relations in America through his own experience as an African American.

Barack Obama, who did not run for president of Black America, always tries to stay above the fray, for every time he speaks about race inequality, HE becomes the issue. Understandably, for days he remains aloof and lets his spokesperson to do the job of tenderizing an exacerbated population whose passion for racial equality and social justice has never ran so deep.

But there are times in history, one has to go soul-searching while listening to inner self. That was precisely what he did this morning—speaking directly from the heart without a teleprompter, with no prepared speech, but only empowered with his mind and soul to tell the truth. “If Trayvon had a gun and used it against Zimmerman, who was pursuing him. I’m not so certain we could have gotten the same outcome,” said a sober Barack Obama. The president went on to say that we need to take a closer look at all these unfair laws like “Stand Your Ground.”    

On the eve of a nationwide, massive demonstration setting to engulf all major cities from coast to coast, Obama’s words can only strengthen the determination of millions who are poised to take to the streets, rain or shine.

We need to maintain the momentum, and tomorrow, wherever you are, you need not to stay idle. DO something to advance the cause of a free and fair America. Uprooting racism in this country is now or never.  Watch the video here:

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