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Barack Obama: History in the making

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers

 After weeks of political analyses, CSMS Magazine’s predictions have finally proven to be true realities. Last night, Barack Obama crossed the historic threshold, securing more than enough delegates needed to clinch theDemocratic presidential nomination. In doing so, hebecomes the first African American to reach such milestone, leading a major party into a campaign for the White House.            In a firing speech in St. Paul Minnesota before a crowd estimated at nearly 20,000 in the same hall where McCain will accept the Republican nomination at his party’s convention in September, a gleeful Obama congratulated all who helped bring to bear this historic moment. According to fire marshal, another 15,000 people waited outside to get a glimpse of the rock star candidate.            Late in the afternoon, several news organizations broke the news as a sea of undeclared delegates began to pour into Obama’s column. By 8 pm, the Illinois senator only needed 4 delegates to become the winner, which he effectively secured soon after the polls closed in South Dakota.            Obama outlasted Clinton in this historic campaign that triggered record turnouts and exposed deep racial and gender polarizations within the Democratic Party and, more importantly, within the American society in general.            Underscoring the division is the Clinton’s speech in New York before an enthusiastic crowd, where she only gave a token recognition to her opponent victory, conceding nothing while suggesting that she will continue the fight.              It has been a dramatic campaign season, and CSMS Magazine intends to come up with in-depth analyses of what has just happened and also of the way forward as a major showdown awaits Obama with Arizona senator John McCain in November.            By the way, in the final contests, Clinton won South Dakota, and Obama won Montana.     Also see When will race seize to be the cornerstone of American politic?Hillary Clinton’s Paranoia and the Democrats Dilemma Hillary Clinton wants to clinch the nomination at all costIs Barack Obama unstoppable after his stunning victory in Iowa last week?   The Obama campaign plunges deeper into the defensive after the Nevada lost last Saturday

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