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Author Soniyaa Murhe is my guest this week in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

In this week’s conversation, I have the pleasure to welcome author Soniyaa Murhe. She is a romance writer as well as a critically acclaimed poet who lives in Pune, Maharashtra, India. She’s written her debut novel titled One Step Closer. The protagonist in this story is a young woman named Shreya who refuses to bow to old family traditions. She works hard to realize her dreams, focusing almost entirely on her professional obligations, leaving no room for love. All that changes when she meets business tycoon Vikrant Singh. At first, she tries to stave off this odd feeling of love for this man she barely knows, but her resistance ultimately dissolves after realizing she is fighting against something larger than herself: love at its purest.

Vikrant Singh is dealing with his own inner demon. He’s known to be the Mr. Right who never flinches, but his encounter with Shreya forces him to face his own fragility.

A writer who speaks from the soul, Soniyaa says she has been writing since she was about 12. “But I never had the courage to publicly present [my works] to someone. It wasn’t until five to six years ago when I wrote a small article in a local magazine that sort of boosted my confidence to go out and write more,” she says.

Besides writing romance, Soniyaa Murhe also writes poetry. She also plans on using her pen to further the cause of gender equality and other social issues plaguing our world. When I ask her if she wants to stick with the romance genre in literature, she says no. “Right now, I want to write about mental health, women empowerment, especially mental health because around me, I have seen so many people struggling. Let it be career choices, let it be relationships, friendships, family issues or even communications…” She is a writer on a mission.

Despite the fact Soniyaa wants to focus more on social issues, she understands she can’t turn her back entirely on her romance readers. Consequently, she plans on writing a sequel for One Step Closer. I can’t wait.

You can watch the video below.

To learn more about Soniyaa’s works, you can visit her Facebook page.

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