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A candid conversation with author Rashmi Bora Das

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Few weeks ago, I published a video about conversation I had with author Rashmi Bora Das on the magazine YouTube channel. At the time of the publication, CSMS Magazine was undergoing renovation. Like other video interviews I did around that time, Rashmi’s interview could not be published on the magazine’s website—obviously. Today, it is an honor for me to present to our readers such a fascinating writer. The author has written a very interesting book titled From Life’s Cove (Laughs, Musings, and More.) It is an interweaving nonfiction work which transcends genres—a book through which Rashmi seems to have found all instructional strategies, using laughs, musings, and more to teach the facts of life.

Literally, a reader will find plenty of laughter and of course lessons that teach us how to navigate through a world that sometimes can be quite unforgiven. Before our conversation, I had the privilege to savor this chef-d’oeuvre, a gift from the author. From the get-go, the satiric aspect of the book trapped me and kept me there until the very end.

In her book, Rashmi tackles the issue of snoring, and how it can be an annoyance. This is so true, for I am a testament to this assertion. My wife and I sometimes quarrel over the issue. But Rashmi seems to have found the delicate balance between the imaginary and the real and the satiric undertone to remind us of these unavoidable malaises that can itch a relationship.

“My heart goes out to these women whose sleep will be completely disrupted,” she says because of their spouses’ snoring.

“Are you among these women?” I asked.

She smiled a bit, a smile that catapulted into a burst of laughter and then soon dissolved to give way to a subtle grin as she pondered the question. “Let me be honest. It happened quite a few times. When this happens, I try to settle for a bit. And then I say, ‘let me move to the guest room.’” I laughed all the way to my ears.  Besides its humoristic aspect, Rashmi—through Life’s Cove—tells us how “humor can be an antidote to ease our stress.”

In Life’s Cove, Rashmi addresses other serious issues like the dichotomy between reason and faith, the coexistence between love and hate of which she explains the too-often-overlooked distinction between the two. You love the person while hating or disapproving of some his habits, she told me.

Author Rashmi Das lives in suburban Atlanta. She is a seasoned writer, and she plans on releasing a collection of short stories in the near future. Readers, hold your breath. Already I sense all the brain teasers that will ultimately brand Rashmi as a prolific writer. She reminds me of great writers like Harper Lee, Gabriel Constans, and Gabriel Garcia Marquez who use a lot of humor in their fictional world.

To learn more about author Rashmi Bora Das’s works, you can visit her author’s website: https://rashmiwrites.com/

You can also follow her on Twitter.

You can watch the video below.

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