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Author Sarah Dayan Mueller is my guest in “The Conversation” this week

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Few weeks ago, I had the privilege to sit down with historical fiction author Sarah D. Mueller. She has written an impeccable novel titled Home in a Hundred Places. The story is based on the life of her father. It begins in Haiti where her father was born. Being a Haitian, I take a personal interest in the story. This novel “portrays dynamic relationships rooted in adventure and loyalty but stained by years of disconnect.,” Sarah explains.

The protagonist, Raymond Blanco, grows up in a Sephardic family in Egypt during the resistance against Jews in that part of the world. With the help of his older cousin Albert, Raymond is now able to make the giant leap from childhood and into young adulthood. Albert helps him to navigate through the dangerous streets of Cairo. They end up becoming key members of a Cairo-based Jewish spy ring which forces them sometimes to make “split-second decisions that will ultimately determine the course of their lives.”

Home in a Hundred Places is a story “that I hold very close to my heart because it is based on the true-life story of my father’s life,” the author admits during the interview. He was a gentleman who “traveled around the world” and who also lived a long life. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed to Alzheimer toward the end of his life.

The author and her dad were very attached to each other. Understandably, Home in a Hundred Places is a tribute to her father’s amazing life. What a great way to immortalize a loved one! One can see the emotion between the lines of this wonderful narrative.

Sarah Dayan Mueller is a prolific writer. She has written another novel tiled Greater than the Still. To learn more about Sarah’s works, you can visit her website as well as her Facebook page.

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