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Author Jesmond Grech was my guest in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma

Last month, I had the honor to speak with distinguished author Jesmond Grech. I spoke to him from his home in Malta, where he lives. We talked about his investigative novel titled A simple Affair. The story develops against the backdrop of a murder mystery on his island nation of Malta. Marhtese Bartolo is found dead, sending shockwaves to everyone’s mind.

I told him how intriguing the title is, at least for me, knowing where the murder takes place—an enchanted island where everybody knows your name. “Obviously, as you know, people are the same all over the world. People have the same feelings. So, even if you are in a tiny island like Malta or in the United States, people still love each other, they hate each other, they help each other, and they kill each other,” he said in a calm but humorous fashion.

My jaws dropped, listening to him, mixing facts and sarcasm to explain our reality as humans in this complicated world. Indeed, the author has well managed his pen to describe his island—relatively calm “where everybody knows something on everyone.” The novelistic prose is enjoyable.

Leading the investigation is inspector Sander Debono dubbed as a “sophisticated” investigator who leaves nothing flies. “Suspicion soon falls on the husband but there is only one snag: no circumstantial evidence can be found to nail him.” But Debono knows better. And the story unfolds…..

Besides being a novelist, Jesmond is also a historian, a screenwriter and an educator. Jesmond is one of my favorite authors of the year. To learn more bout his works, you can follow him on Facebook.

You can watch the video below.

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