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Author Dasha Wallace is my guest this week in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma

CSMS Magazine

Author Dasha Wallace is my guest this Friday in “The Conversation.” I spoke to her last week on the very day Isabella and the Beast, her debut novel, was released. This is a fascinating story about a girl who grows up always happy and who has developed a fascination for traveling. However, this strong desire to travel has met some difficulties due to her devotion to her father. So, she can’t leave.

Isabella’s happy life is threatened when dangerous Lord Paris lays his eyes on her. Like in every fantasy story, the protagonist must navigate through dangerous pathways to survive. But is the story truly a fantasy? The author does not think so. She does not fully consider her novel as fantasy. “This is a palace intrigue,” Dasha says. I agree.

Although the story can be classified as a fantasy, it has other elements that make it multi-genre. “I’m having a hard time classifying the story. It doesn’t have magic in it…Really, it’s a retelling, for it has a strong Beauty and the Beast vibe in it.”

Isabella and the Beast will not be the only novel we’ll read from Dasha. She is currently working on a historical novel as well as some other literary projects. Besides Isabella and the Beast, we covered some other topics considered very important for young writers to know.

Dasha is an author who has a relax demeanor, sure of herself—a writer who is determined to make her mark in the literary world. To learn more about Dasha Wallace and her works, you can visit her website.

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