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Author Andrea Bougiouklis is my guest this Friday in “The Conversation”

Ardain Isma

Three weeks ago, I had the privilege to speak with young writer Andrea Bougiouklis. She is the author of a very interesting novel titled The Art of Becoming a Traitor. It tells the story of a young woman named Eleri and her best friend Fyodor who set out on a mission to undo wrongs of the past.

Eleri, the protagonist, discovers she has been used as a pawn in a Machiavellian plot to exterminate an entire population. To hoodwink her, they sold her a lie that was both compelling and convincing, but also a lie that was “laced with a fusion of fear and hope and the promise of a better future.”

At first, Eleri believed it, and because of that she thought she was born to serve a long-overdue justice, as she was told. Now, in full knowledge of what their leaders are planning to do, Eleri has come to believe that she and her friend Fyodor may be the only ones on this earth who can prevent this genocide.

The novel takes a dystopian turn when the author begins to infuse fear and suspense to move the plot forward. One thing I like in the story is the way the author crafts her universe as well as the way she empowers the protagonist—with a TRUTH, so powerful that Eleri now believes nothing can stop her from seeking justice. “Do you think a truth can be so powerful to the point it can propel someone to make possible what seems impossible?” I asked.

“I do. I do think that it can…..if the truth is something shocking to you,” she replied with an unbound self-confidence.

Andrea Bougiouklis, like many writers I have interviewed before, speaks with a dazzling self-assurance and eloquence. She is proud of her accomplishments and she is devoted to becoming an important personality in both the Canadian film industry and in the rich literature of her country.

Andrea Bougiouklis was born and raised in Canada. Her parents are Greek-Canadians, and Greek was her first language while growing up in a household where Greek was mainly spoken. She is a third-year student at Ryerson University in Toronto, majoring in Creative Industries, specializing in film production. She’s multitasked and multilingual, speaking 5 languages while learning more. It was indeed a pleasure to speak with her.

To learn more about author Andrea Bougiouklis’ works, you can visit her website. You can also follow her on Twitter.

You can watch the video below.

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