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Author Alisa K. Michaels is Ardain’s guest this week in “The Conversation”

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Last week, I had the privilege to welcome to “The Conversation” author Alisa K. Michaels. She is the author of The Siren Series, a collection of three books—so far. I say “so far” because the author plans on writing 7 books before the series ends. The first book is titled Selena Song.  “I originally wrote Selena Song to be a stand-alone book, but it has evolved. And now I’m editing the fourth book. The fifth one is halfway done, and I already have a vision for the sixth and possibly the seventh,” Alisa said with an awesome pride.

The Siren Series is made for young adults. However, Alisa said the series is “not dumb down,” meaning readers will find no oversimplification in the writing. Both parents and children will find the series enjoyable. An educator myself, I know exactly what the author was referring to. She is a reading teacher, and “I believe as a teacher, you don’t just give the answer to [a student]. You give him the information so that he can process it.”

Who knows the reading strategies better than Alisa? She is “a Rollins College Alumna having degrees both in English and Secondary Education.”

Alisa is a native of the Caribbean, for she was born on the island of Saint Thomas, the U.S. Virgin Islands. Understandably, Alisa brought to The Conversation, “her experiences growing up on a beautiful, tropical island paradise….before coming to the mainland.” She was only 11 when her parents decided to move to Florida, where she has been living ever since. She and I found common ground in the food, the music and most of the traditions that make the Caribbean such a paradise that it has always been. I am also from that part of the world. Like all of us, Alisa is so proud of her heritage. “When people ask me to choose, I always say I don’t have to choose. I can be a little bit of everything.”

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