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Ardain Isma speaks with author Talia Zales

Christine Jean-Pierre

CSMS Magazine

Last week, Ardain Isma spoke with author Talia Zales about her new children’s book titled A Phone for Christmas. The book is an illustrated tale which focuses on the importance of family values in raising children. The author spoke with confidence during the interview, feeling confident about a literary career in which she intends to brand her name as a children’s book writer. To stress the emphasis on family values, the author told Ardain this book is dedicated to her daughters.

According to Zales, two weeks after they were born, she had to return to work. Luckily, she lived not far from her parents’ home. So, one of her daughters would stay with her parents and the other would stay with her grandparents who also lived close by. Over time, they formed very special bonds.

Talia marries a gentleman who serves in the US Navy, and like all military families, moving from one place to the next happens frequently.  So, when the Navy told her husband that he would be transferred to another location some two thousand miles away, Talia was very worried about how the daughters would cope with not being with their favorite people. Therefore, in an effort to keep the strong bond alive, the children would pick up the phone and call their grandparents every day.

A Phone for Christmas is set to be released before the holiday season. To learn more about Talia’s literary works, you can visit her author’s website.

You can also follow her on Twitter.

You can watch the video below:

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