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Andrew Robbins and the ancillary findings of this week

CSMS Magazine Staff Writers


 As the stock market continues to slide with alarming proportion, one can only remember the good old days, the days when a thousand dollar investment could turn into a million dollar profit, the days when AOL’s stock was selling at $ 400 a share, the days Lucent Technologies was splitting its stock at a two-for-one rate every six months. It was the best of time to many Americans, and a feeling of infinite wealth—lots of it—filled the atmosphere. But those days are long gone, and our staff writer, Andrew Robbins, in his recently prolific articles about ways to keep one’s head above water in a down market has captured the attention of many.

            Many readers—nostalgic of the days gone by and wary about the uncertain future—seem to have found consolation in Andrew’s series’ It’s Your Money, The Way I See It. CSMS Magazine takes to heart the comments of many of our readers. For example, Connie Husband from New Heaven, Connecticut, who sent us a gloomy note about the devastating blow she suffered during the latest wild swings on Wall Street. “At 55, I believe my investment is now doomed. How long am I going to wait to recover my dwindling portfolio? She wrote.

            Questions like this are very difficult to answer. Neither Andrew nor the experts on Wall Street can tell us. But one thing remains certain: There will be a turnaround sometimes in the future as it always happen at various course during the 200 years of the market’s history.

            CSMS Magazine is asking its readers to forgive the editorial board, which has been having some difficulties updating articles sent to us. Like we always say, the work that we do is purely nonprofit and none of us gets paid for the amount of sacrifice we make almost daily to bring to our diehard readers vital and reliable information. So, the past few days were very hectic for our regular staff members, especially Dr. Isma, who literally got pinned down, swamped by his other professional obligations. But we are back in full force, and we are still reminding our readers not forget our donation drive. If you like the site and the work we do, show it by making a small contribution. Click on the button above to read how you can do that.

            We have also received requests for more book reviews. We are glad to review books that are sent to us. However, we are under no obligation and hurry to review literary works submitted to us for the reason mentioned above; and we will not review works that we dim not being elevated to our standard. Also, we will not comment on submitted works that do not fall within our editorial line. We are not a marketing firm.

            On a sweet note, CSMS Magazine is sending its best wishes to its readers during this holiday season. Let’s keep the faith. Tomorrow will surely be better.

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