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American Outrage Over Prison Abuse Is Expected

By Bobbie O’ NeillCSMS Magazine Staff WriterWas reading Michael Reagan in an edition of The Yuma Sun. You know Michael, the conservative columnist, son of Ronnie and Jane Wyman. The headline reads “Democrats Misdirecting Outrage On Iraq’ with the subhead ’Liberals worry of American sins but not those of terrorists’. The lead says “Liberal Democrats (are there any other kind) are venting their anger at a small handful of Army Reservists implicated in the abuse of prisoners in an infamous Baghdad prison, hoping they can somehow pin the blame on Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and his boss, President Bush.”             You’re dead wrong, Michael. Not only liberal Democrats but also conservative Republicans are outraged at the abuse of those Iraqi prisoners by a small group of Army Reservists. If they are not, they should be. Case in point: I wrote a letter to the editor of The Sun which was recently published stating that “Osama bin Laden could not have staged it better if he had created the set and hired his crew to recreate the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse photos now being shown worldwide in a propaganda move to discredit America.”             I expectd some flack from my conservative neighbor but was shocked when he said, “Bobbie, for once I agree with you. I read your letter to the editor and you are correct. I am outraged at the abusive behavior of our military toward the Iraqi prisoners.            Why are Americans so outraged at the behavior of our prison guards in Iraq? Why? Because we are Americans! That’s why! We are a very special people. We have a respect for human rights and proper conduct even in a time of war. Above all, we don’t abuse our POWs. We are better than that. When the young American businessman was decapitated it was a shock, a tremendous shock. It shows a total lack of humanity and compassion but what can we expect from a bunch of barbaric terrorists.             We know the terrorists do not value human life and they are consumed by hatred. The primary goal of the terrorist is to shock, terrorize, maim and kill as many Americans and our allies as they can at one time. They will use any means at their disposal to achieve their goals. What we did to the Iraqi prisoners went beyond terrorist tactics. Our military used sado- masochism. ”Bordering on pornography” – the words of U.S. Senator John Warner (R – Virginia), brutal, psychological tactics to soften Muslim prisoners for interrogation. The only things the jack-booted female MP lacked, when she was hauling the Iraqi prisoner by a leash around his neck across the floor at ABU Ghraib, were a mask, a black leather ensemble and a whip.             “The fact they we have exhibited deep outrage and want to see punishment meted out to the guilty, is a reaffirmation that our values are still recognized and we still treasure human rights and respect humanity.” May 19th Editorial – The Sun. Amen!!!About the author: Bobbie Hart O’Neill is a retired print media journalist, CSU-Sacramento, ’74, with 40 years experience in the field. She has worked as a reporter, feature writer, columnist, public relations writer, magazine/newsletter editor and publisher. She is currently a freelance writer residing in Yuma, Arizona and has published a children’s book, written three screenplays and a novel. In addition, she is interested in civic affairs, politics, current events, ethnology and animals.

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